Quick-serve License Center

Pictured is Kristy Beaucage, Jan Lewis, and Vint Lewis

Why did you start the Quick-serv License Center?

Ever since going to the License Center with my parents, I felt that this business of assisting the public with their motor vehicle transactions would be a great business. When the South St. Paul License Center office became available, we decided to make an offer for the business. And we were accepted!

Why did you choose to collaborate with Key Community Bank and what is your relationship like working with KCB?

When we took over the South St. Paul License Center the original owner was working with another local bank. Shortly after taking over the business, we were visited by a Vice President of Key Community Bank. He listed many of the key services that were offered by Key Community Bank. The most important was, Key Community Bank and its helpful staff would be integrated as part of Quick-serv License Center daily financial activities. We were able to meet with Key Community Bank management and discuss our daily and future financial requirements. To this day their friendly staff has been that integral part of Quick-serv License Center’s success, meeting the motor vehicle requirements of the citizens of Minnesota.

If you weren’t running the Quick-Serv License Center, what business would you be working in?

Since Jan and I are past retirement age we felt we needed personal discussions with the President of Key Community Bank concerning our retirement and future of the Quick-serv License Center.  From those discussions we asked our daughter, Kristy Beaucage, to take over the business day to day activities. She has an MA in Human Resource Development and a long career as part of upper management at Delta Airlines. She has worked closely with the management of Key Community Bank to continue the success of the Quick-serv License Center and has nurtured and built a winning management team and staff, whose motto is, “Customers first, with a smile!”

Jan and I continue our personal financial relationship with Key Community Bank. Both of us always comment to each other, “No other bank like Key Community Bank!”

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Very simply put, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!”

Find out more about the Quick-serv License Center here: License Tabs Renewal and DNR Registrations | MN DMV (quickservdmv.com)

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